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Patents and patent applications of Dr. Boris Gilman

  1. Composite photovoltaic cell with parabolic collector and different solar cells. US Patent No. 8878050 of 2014-11-04. Composite thin-film and Si-based solar module with self-concentrating capability for achieving extremely high efficiency at low fabrication cost. Unique, novel, and elegant solution for achieving 30% of conversion efficiency using silicon-based materials at low fabrication cost.
  2. Backside silicon photovoltaic cell and method of manufacturing thereof US Patent No. 8486747 of 2013-07-16 High-efficient backside silicon solar cell with all functional layers formed by electrical pulses and electrothermal means. Fabrication cost reduced by 80%, reliability and lifetime of respective solar modules and panels significantly enhanced.
  3. Method of manufacturing a silicon-based semiconductor device by essentially electrical means. US Patent No. 8105869 of 2012-01-31. High-efficiency solar cells fabricated without expensive semiconductor processes. Fabrication costs reduced by 80%.
  4. Method of manufacturing a monolithic thin-film photovoltaic device with enhanced output voltage. US Patent No. 8114702 of 2012-02-14. Integrated aSi-H tandem solar cell producing an output voltage up to 100V available in any size.
  5. Method of forming a flexible nanostructured material for photovoltaic panels. US Patent No. 8143149 of 2012-03-27. A novel, unique, and strictly controlled Flying Particle method for synthesizing highly efficient nano-films for flexible solar panels and energy storage devices.
  6. Apparatus for forming a flexible nanostructured material for photovoltaic panels. US Patent No. 8291853 of 2012-10-23. Production chamber for realizing the Flying Particle method.
  7. Integrated demultiplexer/photoreceiver for optical networks and method of controlling transparency of optical signal transmission layers. US Patent No. 7035517 of 2006-04-25. (Sold)

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